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bladdery mijnheer
12 November 2012 @ 07:02 pm
I'm getting increasing amounts of spam here lately.

10 of these this week already -->
"Hey This is hard for me because I have never done anything like this.. but I have a huge crush on you. I have never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was. I'm really attracted to you and I think you would be wanting to get with *Read FULL Card Here* "

I think LiveJournal is doing a lousy job of blocking spammers.

I don't post here much anymore, and I am considering pulling down this blog to save myself the hassle of daily spam deleting and reporting. I'm giving it another week.

bladdery mijnheer
I found an hour to do this today. I was going to have our hero pouring coffee on some dude's lap on an airplane, but I had things to do. If you don't know who it's supposed to be, try shuffling around the letters in the caption.

bladdery mijnheer
20 August 2012 @ 08:42 am
bladdery mijnheer
16 August 2012 @ 09:21 pm
I went to Nationals for the time off work more than anything else. I was simply due for a vacation. I'm really happy with how things turned out. I got to hang out with a lot of different groups of people at lunchtime, dinner, try out some craft beers, get some walking in, a dip in the pool, and even shot some footage of a new Scrabble variant- Sprint Scrabble. All I really did for preparation was learn about 700 4's 5's 6's 7's 8's by playability a while ago, and review them all in the last 2 weeks before Nationals. I finished 16-15 +260. My opponents were for the most part really good sports and pleasant people, and I hope they can say the same about me.

For starters I've got a bingo list.
The bingo count was 52-49 my favor.
I played 8 Collins only. They played 7 Collins only.
There were no games I got shutout without a bingo and I shutout my opponents twice.




Because I have all my scoresheets, I decided it would be okay to do a blank count after all. It was very even. 29 for me:31 for opponents. 21 games the blanks were split (11W-10L) . 4 times I had both (3W-1L). 5 times my opponents had both (1W-4L). That adds up to 15-15, plus a bye gave me a 16th win. An anomaly if anything, was a 13 game streak where both me and my opponent shared the blanks. Also Orlet Bullock noticed that we both lost if we sat at opposite sides of the table, but we both won if we sat on the same side, so we tried to sync up our feng shui for the final two days.

It seems like I did a lot of winning against the higher seeds, but didn't fare as well as I should have against the bottom seeds. I played very well in some games, and mucked up some other games pretty bad. Looking back, my bingo list looks pretty lame. I probably could have hit a lot more bingos if I started some serious review. Something to think about for tournaments in the near future.

It's kind of magic how Nigel took that last game by winning by just a few more than the 170 points he needed to win by, in div 1. He must have been in Gibson's head.

I think Sam Kantimathi deserves some serious street cred for winning the Collins division. Well done Sam! They guy's been on fire for months now. I had my money on Geoff T. to take Collins, and I'm sure he will do that one of these years. I also have to tip my hat to Marsh Richards for her excellent finish in the Collins division. I hope everyone had fun. I am very much thinking about going to Vegas to do this again next year.
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bladdery mijnheer
04 August 2012 @ 07:59 pm
I'm starting to really look forward to just being at Nationals. If nothing else, just to finally get a week off work, and to be steeped in something I'd rather be doing. I'm hoping to spend some time after hours having dinner and/or drinks with the Scrabble friends I don't get to see every day from both sides of the CSW/TWL divide. I'm rooming with Matthew T. Please come hang out with us and include us in your dinner/beer/after hours plans if you like.

Over the last year I've been way more lax about studying. I've been doing other things. Lots of exercise. Spending more time with Lisa. There was a need to stop studying completely for a while to keep the game fun. I've still been competing in the odd tournament, and directing Ottawa's Scrabble club. I think my game might have actually improved even if my word knowledge started to get rusty. Frequent games with high quality players at the Ottawa Scrabble Club is still improving my game, and my club rating is healthy.

Last time I went to Orlando, I forgot to have fun. A long stretch of poor tiles got to me, I got crabby, and decided not to be social. I regretted being sulky, and I had regrets about how I acted there. Since then, I vowed not to play a long multiday event like that until I had matured enough to handle long droughts of bad tiles and long losing streaks. I'm there now. I've learned to handle these situations over the years, and I will not forget to have fun this time.

I'm mostly looking forward to having a fun time in Orlando, and I'll do my best about being good sport.

As somebody who is enthusiastic about learning CSW, I like to talk about those silly CSW "words" a lot. That can get annoying, especially to TWL players. I don't mean to be annoying, but if you are being annoyed by it, you can ask me to stop. But seriously, the definition for FIGJAM# is awesome. "Foorsooth", my ass.

To everyone in Orlando, play hard, have fun, congratulate your opponents on their finer plays. It has been the people with the best sportsmanship who have had the most influence on me, and have endeared me to the game over the years. I'm fine if you sarcastically say "nice find" if I drop TRAINEE on your board. I have a sense of humour too, and that's funny. Just don't be a dick. Treat your opponents (including me) with respect, even if they are the biggest lucksacks, and even if they made massive mistakes. The times I've hated my Scrabble experience the most are the times I've seen people act like complete dicks because they were poor losers. If you are someone who needs to vent or regroup after a loss, just quietly get away from the board, leave the room, explode as needed, and come back. Don't make other people hate their Scrabble experiences. Everyone invested some money and time away from work to be there, and they didn't pay for a lousy time. So have a great time, or I'LL COME OVER THERE AND MAKE YOU LAUGH.

A prediction:

Conrad is going to win TWL. I just have this gut feeling about it, and my gut knows things.
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bladdery mijnheer
04 May 2012 @ 07:44 pm
I woke up this morning with a really sore eye. My upper right eyelid felt like someone punched me in the face. It still feels like that, though there is no visible bruise or swelling. The first thing I thought as I sat up in bed, was some incarnation of Marlon must have punched me in the face at night.
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bladdery mijnheer
08 April 2012 @ 03:52 pm
For those who do hockey pools:

My computer is going with Boston (E2) to win Lord Stanley's Cup this year at a whopping 12% of the time. All the 1 and 2 seeds are good bets, no surprises there. New Jersey Devils (E6) and Detroit Red Wings (W5) could be good dark horse picks this year.

I'm sure some people will ask why Ottawa and Washington aren't beating NY Rangers and Boston in the first round after doing well against them all season. Well, because my computer is only looking for minute by minute chance of a goal happening using reg season data, while it completes the whole playoffs one hockey minute at a time. The results posted are after 200 full playoffs were finished.

E1 NYR 9.0% 17.0% 33.0% 58.0% 34.655 28
E2 BOS 12.0% 21.0% 47.5% 69.5% 43.305 45
E3 FLA 2.0% 5.0% 11.0% 39.5% 23.235 17
E4 PIT 6.5% 16.5% 28.0% 51.5% 36.21 28
E5 PHI 4.5% 10.5% 23.0% 48.5% 32.455 25
E6 NJD 8.5% 17.0% 29.5% 60.5% 34.375 31
E7 WAS 2.5% 4.0% 11.0% 30.5% 23.915 18.5
E8 OTT 3.5% 9.0% 17.0% 42.0% 29.14 21
W1 VAN 10.5% 16.0% 30.0% 55.0% 32.695 25
W2 STL 8.0% 19.5% 35.5% 57.5% 33.52 27.5
W3 PHX 4.0% 10.5% 22.0% 57.0% 30.905 28
W4 NAS 7.5% 12.5% 25.0% 46.5% 30.06 20.5
W5 DET 9.0% 16.0% 30.5% 53.5% 33.785 28
W6 CHI 3.0% 7.0% 19.0% 43.0% 28.31 21
W7 SJS 4.5% 8.5% 18.0% 42.5% 27.145 18.5
W8 LAK 5.0% 10.0% 20.0% 45.0% 26.61 18

bladdery mijnheer
24 February 2012 @ 08:30 pm
pffff. I just got this in my email

RecordSetter01 has sent you a message:
RecordSetter World Record

Hey jipijapa ,

Your video "Wrong Radical Rapid Scrabble tile pickup - NASPA Skills competition" is really amazing. We'd love to recognize it as an official world record on RecordSetter.com (where I work). If you'd like, I could even submit it for you. I'd just insert the embed code from YouTube and make you an account with your email address if you sent it to me.

Or you could submit it yourself at RecordSetter.com/submit.

It'd be a great way to get exposure and more traffic to your youtube channel.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you!

RecordSetter.com: The New Home of World Records
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You can reply to this message by visiting your inbox.

Well, wrongradical, what do you think?
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bladdery mijnheer
05 February 2012 @ 12:07 pm
I had a strange Scrabble dream that there were other pieces included in my tile bag at a tournament. They were squared up with the other tiles in a geometric pattern. 4 red squares that sat a bit higher than the letter tiles, 4 yellow tiles that were beveled on the edges with no letter on them, 4 grey pieces about 1/4 the size of a letter tile, and 2 long skinny red lego pieces that stretched across 2 spaces. I had hit my head before the game, was feeling a bit fuzzy, and I obviously forgot about how to play Scrabble because I was stumped at these new looking playing pieces. I had no idea how to use these mystery pieces, so I went searching in my Scrabble bag and found a rule book for how to play Scrabble with these pieces. I magically had a copy of the rules with me on that day. The small grey squares represented trees. They were to be used to block bingos. They had to be slammed on the board quickly while your opponent was playing a bingo, to prevent your opponent from occupying that square. Haha! Treed! Find another bingo line. The red squares were blockers that were placed at the beginning of your turn. The yellow beveled squares were eraser tools to remove blockers and trees, and stacked like Upwords tiles. A tile could be placed on top of this kind of tile, but alternatively this tile could also be used to swap out blanks sitting on the board. The long red pieces were reacher tools. In case your bingo ended two squares short of a TWS, you could reach with it by tacking it on the end of your word. Then I bonked my head again, and woke up.
bladdery mijnheer
19 December 2011 @ 02:45 pm
Montreal vs Ottawa used to have an annual closed Scrabble® tournament, in which the winning city was presented with a highly coveted prize, the Ulu Cup. Why the Ulu Cup? Because ulu is a common weird word in Scrabble, and it is a bit of Canadiana in our Scrabble dictionary. I don't know who originally had the trophy piece made. Maybe Joel Wapnick can help out with that info.

Anyhow, before my entrance into Scrabbledom, this sacred trophy went missing. I played my first Ulu Cup on March 19 2005. At that time Lou Cornelis and Bernard Gotlieb speculated that perhaps Dr Peter Teitelbaum had the trophy, but he had quit playing Scrabble. I remembered that piece of information.

Later in June 2005, I played in Montreal's tournament, and met Jakob Teitelbaum, Peter's son. Jakob was 1800s, quite young at that time, and probably would have been a top 20 player if he had stuck with it. But that was the last tournament he played.

Years went by. A few more Ulu Cups happened, and nobody really put in any effort into finding the Ulu Cup. I friended Jakob on Facebook, and played the odd Scrabble game against him. He is living in Switzerland right now if I am right.

This year I decided to send Jakob a message on Facebook, to find out if his father knew the whereabouts of the trophy. He got back to me in a couple of days with "good news" and contact info for his dad. So I called up Dr Peter Teitelbaum last night. Dr Teitelbaum was actually at a bar called Woody's playing Scrabble with a friend of his. He said he was getting back into playing Scrabble, and he let me know a guy named Lenny Borer had the Ulu Cup trophy. The name sounded familiar. Ah, yes. I had played him once at Pam's annual MS fundraiser event. I even remember playing HONOREE against him. Peter said he'd get in contact with Len, and I should expect a call from him.

This morning I got up early to take my bike into work. I wasn't feeling good after having a strep throat bomb hit me on Saturday morning. I decided to take the day off work, and just get some extra rest. At noon I crawled out of bed. At 12:30 the phone rang. I did my best to sound like I had a scratchy throat expecting it to be work calling. Instead, it was "Hi, this is Leonard Borer." Wow! We talked a bit, and I found out he lived within walking distance of me, so I went over to his house to pick up the trophy. When I got to his house, he said, "I hope you brought a bag or something to carry it, it's huge!" I was expecting him to produce an oversized bowling trophy with an ulu placed on the top when he said that. Something like this:

Instead, he produced this little manila tag bag with bubble wrap on the inside. He shook the bag, and the trophy fell into his hand. "This is it!" I shook my head in disbelief. He let me know if got a little dinged up in a hockey bag of his, but it probably would add a bit more "panache" to the trophy.

Anyhow, after all that, I have the trophy safe and sound, and it will be up for grabs again in late January. Dr Teitelbaum will probably come to the Scrabble Club again, eventually, after years of not playing. And Len said he'd like to start playing Scrabble again too and may make an appearance at the club.